Dear Customers:
We are compelled to share what a lot of people from all over the world have to say about our instruments.

R.G. (Switzerland):
Dear M. Singh,
I just wanted to confirm you quickly that the harmonium I ordered one week ago has safely arrived in Switzerland. I am fully satisfied with your services and product. As I already mentioned, probably some more colleagues of mine will get in touch with you to order instruments for themselves.

I.C. ( France ):
Dear M. Singh,
First of all, best wishes for this Diwali! The sitar n? is safely arrived! Everything is perfect. Actually, it arrived in France 23th October, but they did not send me any notifications. They finally phoned me this morning.
Thanks very much for you efficiency !

KD ( USA ):
Dear Mr. Singh,
I received my harmonium today and it is perfect in every way. Thank you for making this beautiful instrument that I will enjoy for many years.
Om Shanti

J.M. (USA):
Hello Mr. Singh,
I received the sitar case today, and it is perfect! Thank you for the quick shipping and for such professional and courteous service.
Best regards.

D.H. (USA)
Dear Mr. JP Singh,
I have received the harmonium and I am most impressed with the quality. You will certainly be my one stop music shop from now. Thanks

D.G. (Switzerland):
I Just wanted to let you know that I received the harmonium 2 days ago and that it was in good state. So I'm very satisfied with your service and with the instrument as well. It has a good sound.
Thank you.

B.G. (USA):
Dear Mr Singh,
We received the order today when I arrived home from work! In Alaska it is still the 20th as I write this note to you. Both instruments arrived in perfect shape. The harmonium is absolutely beautiful and plays great. Thank you for your attention to detail and your time spent with me selecting the harmonium. Best wishes to you.

A.T. (Australia):
Dear Mr. Singh 
Thank you for your call yesterday, I had actually just finished getting the Harmonium cleared through Australian Customs and Quarantine when you called. 
I appreciate the very prompt and professional way that Bina efficiently arranged for the Harmonium to be sent to me.  I unpacked it last night and it appears to be in good order and is certainly a fine-looking instrument.  It will be a pleasure to play and I am sure will significantly add to my local Kirtan group :-) 
If you/Bina Musical Instruments ever need a reference from someone local here in Australia please do not hesitate to contact me.
Have a great day :-)
Yours sincerely

SB ( USA ):
Dear JP Singh,
I have just received my Bina Sangeet harmonium in good condition.  Thank you for shipping this so quickly.  The harmonium looks and sounds beautiful.
Many thanks for all your assistance.

D.G. ( USA ):
Dear Mr Singh,
Greetings. Thank you for all the effort you put into our order. The instruments arrived in fine shape. Every one we opened was beautiful, all have very nice sound, keyboard sensitivity, and excellent detailing (we still have 4 to unpack, but I anticipate the same with them). We have sold four already and have interest in others.
Again, thank you for the responsive service and excellent instruments.

B.S. (USA)
Dear Mr. Singh,
I wanted to let you know that the instruments of my order arrived today and all are in excellent condition.  I am very pleased with the quality of the instruments.  The harmonium is exceptional.  Thank you for the special arrangement of the bellows; it is exactly what I was hoping for.  The octave coupler was overlooked, but, that is a small matter.  Rarely have I heard banks of reeds that sound as beautiful.  The geared tuning on the swarmandal was a happy discovery as my wife will be playing this instrument and gears will be easier than the traditional tuning wrench.
My best to you and all there.  I hope to order from you again in the future.

A.F. (USA):
Hello JP,
Wahe guru!  The harmonium and dholak have arrived in perfect condition.  The shipping was very speedy.  I am extremely very pleased with both pieces.  I am certain the music from these 2 beautiful instruments will bring many years of happiness and enjoyment to my yoga students, my family and me. 
Thank you for the carrying bags too!

P.C. (Italy):
Dear Mr. Singh,
Thank you very much for your professional, speed and quality of your products.
The Tabla are really good, The sounds are Warm and dark, almost seems to be a "Pakhawaj.
Maybe for me the pitch it could be more up ,the best tune for me it could be "C",C*" but no matter! I am very happy about this Tabla.
Thank you for all Mr.Singh
My best regards

D.S.M. (USA):

Dear Mr Singh,

C.C. (USA):
My order has arrived,
Thank you very much for your great service!

J.G. (USA):

Dear JP Singh,
Hello, I received the Harmoniums last week. The 23B 3 ?came in excellent condition, looks and sound wise. A fellow devotee was impressed with it and may be contacting you about some of your models I gave him your link.
In the 23B 3 ?I really like the coupler function. I was expecting the glass frame on the keys, and was disappointed at first when it came with the sliding volume control; but after playing it I am glad I received the volume control. I like the volume and tone adjustments that can be made easily with the left hand while pumping the bellows.

R.N. (Finland)
Thank you for the Tablas you sent to me. They have given limitless joy to me and others. I am having some trouble getting them to the exact pitch that I want them at, but it doesnt matter. Each BINA Tabla seems to be fascinatingly unique, and each one seems to have its own level where it likes to resonate. Perhaps its difficult to predict where each one sets. So, now I have B, C and E flat, and would like to order two additional Tablas of deluxe professional quality (without Bayan). One which I could tune to A (low), and another one somewhere above C.
Thank you and all the best.

D.R. (Puerto Rico)


B.D. (USA):

Hello Bina !
I love my Shruti Box.  I appreciate the craftsmanship, materials, and ease with which one can make beautiful harmonies.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this wonderful instrument. I am happy to have done business with you.

H.F. (USA):

Dear Mr. JP Singh,
I received my no. 52 pair of tablas and am very happy with them.  I see why you told me not to worry about the packaging of the tablas, as they were packaged extremely well!  Many thanks for all your help with this transaction and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


S.G. (

Dear Mr Singh,
Thank you very much for your information. Yesterday I finally received the harmonium and am really satisfied about it. Thank you very much for delivering it and selling it in such an unproblematic way.

N.B. (USA):

Dear JP Singh Bina Tabla, I wanted to let you know that I recieved my Professional Bina Tabla this morning.  I am extremely happy with my purchase.  Tabla sounds great, looks great!  You will be receiving much more business through me because of this excellent transaction.  Thank you for a wonderful transaction and a wonderful professional tabla.
Thank you SO much for everything.

A.S. (Santiago, Chile)
Dear Mr. Singh,
Today I received the harmonium. It arrived in perfect conditions and the sound is excellent. I will recommend your store to our Yoga students. Thanks very much
Regards from Chile

K.O. ( USA )
I just received the manual for my harmonium.  Thank you so much for sending me another.  I truly appreciate doing business with you.

S.A. ( USA ):
Brother Singh,
I got my Harmonium thank you, thank you, it is good,
I like it, good job please say Hi to every one.I am very happy. If I need some more equipment now
I know where to get it once again thank you

L.R. (
Dear JP,

Thank you so much - all harmoniums received, working fine, beautiful. These wonderful instruments will be greatly appreciated by everyone here. 
Thank you so much! I hope to place another order in a few months.


Dear Mr. Singh ji,
I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am with my harmonium. It must be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, in my whole life. The sound quality is most exquisite, and the quality of the instrument is just beyond words. My deepest thanks to you and your staff and wonderful craftsmen. My friends and family are looking forward to seeing it. It has been a wonderful experience. 
Thank you very very much again
A very happy customer

Dear Mr Singh,
Here, from Basque country, Spain.
I had received the harmonium last week, and I don't have words to describe it, it's amazing!!
Ok, to be honest the last part, in the airport was a bit crazy, I had to do a lot of different payments and papers and similar stuff, but finally after some hours, I could take the harmonium.
Anyway, as soon as I open the wood box, the surprise was very big!
Thanks for the extra-presents!!
I'm really happy with your service and of course with the harmonium (sounds very good) and its bag!
So, if someone asks me about harmoniums, I will absolutely recommend binaswar, sure.
Thank you very much
All the best,

Dear Mr.Singh,
Thank you so much for your kindness. The Harmonium is amazing. Last night I had a live performance and played your harmonium. The audience were very happy with the beautiful and unfamiliar for Japanese people sound. Thank you!
Look forward to having your next harmonium soon.
The best regards

A.F. (Canada)
Hello JP,
Wahe guru!  The harmonium and dholak have arrived in perfect condition.  The shipping was very speedy.  I am extremely very pleased with both pieces.  I am certain the music from these 2 beautiful instruments will bring many years of happiness and enjoyment to my yoga students, my family and me. 
Thank you for the carrying bags too!

T.M. (South Africa)

It is now
11.00 p.m. in S.A. and I have just opened all the goods with the exception of 3 harmoniums (the BTC).
When I opened the last Tabla number 47, I could scream with excitement to see that the bayan casings were in very good condition.  Thank you very much.  This is great service and quality.  What I expect from BINA.

C.S. (USA)
Dear Mr. Singh,

I received the shipment today.  Everything is fine.  The harmonium is indeed as its description proclaims - "Superb Sound Quality."  My son plays the tabla.  He says that it sounds great. Thank you very much.

J. S. (USA)
Mr. JP Singh,
Hello. I received my Tabla set yesterday. The drums are perfect. The Doogi is nice and heavy, as well as expertly ornate. The drums were perfect right out of the well assembled package. The drums were packaged with Styrofoam to protect them from humidity. (Nice idea.) The drums required no tuning. They were both perfectly in tune with no rattles or buzzes. The case was beautiful with locks. It was also the side by side type case, which I believe is better for the drums than the over / under type. Im impressed.

It was also a pleasure to do business with such a considerate, professional person as yourself. All my questions were answered, and there was no run arounds?like Ive had with other musical instrument purchases. The price for the drums and accessories was the most fair in the world. I did my homework, and it took me a while to find Bina Musical Stores for this purchase. Im glad I did. You took the time to help me make the best choice considering the fact that Im a novice and knew very little about the drums.

Im including the tabla group address on this letter so that others may benefit from your fine service and attention to detail. I personally recommend your services to anyone that is serious about the Tabla or other musical instruments from India. Please check out their home page at

Thank you for listening, tap-a-lot.

 F. W. (Australia)
Hi, my names FelixI ordered a Harmonium from you a little while ago around early December, my father paid for it and has the receipt still. It was the Harmonium model no. 30B. I ordered this with the coupler facility to be added as well. I have recently moved house so it has taken me a little while to get back to you, but the Harmonium has comeit came very promptly, and Im EXTREMELY PLEASED with your recommendation of sound quality. It really is superior to anything I have ever heard. I love it.

 B. K. (USA)
Mr. Singh,
I am emailing you today to let you know that I bought a Harmonium from your dealer that you recommended. He was very informative and helpful. I appreciate you recommending him to me!

I can only praise his knowledge and expertise in harmoniums. I encourage you send future customers to him

 U. G. (USA)
Dear Avtar Sahib,
The Tabla set that I bought from you last year sound very good and reminds me often of you. I have told many people here about you and given your contact to them.

 M. F. (USA)
Thank you for sending me the shipment information. I picked up the Veena and Viola yesterday, and am happy to say they arrived in perfect condition. The veena is a beautiful instrument. I will certainly keep you in mind for my future instrument purchases.

 Thank you again for your prompt and helpful service.

 A. K. (Hawaii)
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the Harmoniums. I am especially pleased with the sound quality of model 32, and I am sure I will be ordering one more as soon as I can get the money.

 K. B.   (USA)
Just to let you know...the shipment came through in perfect condition.  They're all lovely instruments.  Thank you once again.

Mark (USA)
Harmonium arrived safely yesterday.  Today is my son's birthday - 21 - he is getting the harmonium.  Perfect! Thank you for your excellent service. I will recommend you whole-heartedly to everyone.

 A. J. (USA)
I received the packages on May 23. I am very pleased with the Harmonium quality and sound. It was nice doing business with you again.

 G. F. (USA)
Om Namah Shivay!
The harmonium you sent has just come this morning.  I was surprised at how fast!
I want to do a puja to it before I start using it. Next I might need a dholak from you.

It has been a complete pleasure working with you!!

R. A. (Puerto Rico) 

Thank you for all your help on my purchase of the Harmoniums.  They finally arrived at my house yesterday around 12:30pm. I am completely satisfied with both instruments and also my friends from my church, whom at the end will be the owners.

Thank you for all your help, you've being very kind to me.

May God Bess you, your friend,

 R. R. (Hawaii)
Dear JP Singh,
The Harmonium was delivered on time in perfect condition. It is exceptionally nice. A friend stopped by our house last night to check it out and said. Wow, this is a really nice one!?I very much appreciate it and will tell others about you. Thank you!

 S. H. B. (Sweden)
JP Singh,
The goods arrived today, and we are very pleased with the quality of the instruments and the quality of the packing. We will attempt to present them to our public (clients and customers) and hopefully we will have a long and good future as business partners.

 A. R. (Canada)
Dear Mr. Singh: Greetings. This is to acknowledge that the harmonium arrived this morning by FedEx. I love it. It has an exceptionally sweet sound. Completely unlike any Harmonium I have heard before. Thank you very much for your help. I look forward to many years of enjoyment from it.

 A. Q. (Brazil)
I have just received the BINA catalogue you sent me by mail. I would like to thank you very very much for the consideration and care you have to your customers. That is why BINA is so famous and well known. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

 P. M. (England)
My brother recently bought a sitar from your shop in Dehli and gave it to me as a gift. I have wanted one for many years, ever since i saw ravi shankar play in sheffield 25 years ago. I want you to know that this sitar from your shop is a most beautiful instrument and will be a very treasured family instrument. We have many quality instruments in our family and the sitar sits well with the best of them. Good luck and fortune with your business.

 E. S. (Australia)
I just wanted to let you know that the harmonium you sent me is wonderful. I took it to our group kirtan the other night and everyone had a play on it. It sounded great - very powerful and noble. The harmonium was singing virtually on its own and resonating with sound - we could all feel the strong vibrations under our fingers. You have one very happy customer and one very happy harmonium with a new home here in Australia.

Thank you

 A. D. (England)
Dear Mr. Singh,
Thank you for your message. Im sure you will be pleased to know that I have now been to the shop and have purchased a beautiful BINA Harmonium. Im sure my wife will have a wonderful Christmas learning to play it!!

With thanks, and seasonal greetings.

 J. R. (USA)
After our last email regarding dispatch info, I have this date received my Harmonium model 30B. I am VERY PLEASED (understantement), first because my payment for to you so quickly, and secondly because of the harmonium. I dont have words to describe it. It is exquisite. The instrument exceeds my wildest expectations and in me you have an advertisement. I will tell all interested parties about the quality of BINA.


 A. S. (USA)
Dear Mr. Avtar Singh,
We received the Harmonium as requested. It arrived in excellent condition and is of very good quality as usual. Thank you for your prompt and careful service again. Before this the Harmoniums that have arrived have all been excellent and have found very good homes. People are grateful to have them.  

C.S. (USA)
Dear Mr. Singh,
I received the Harmonium today.  The only problem I had was four screws came off, but since they were pulled out, the hole for the screws became slightly too big.  Nevertheless, I am not bothered since I plan to use some slightly larger screws and place the part back together.  It is part of the wooden cover that has the lock.  I also thank you for the sending me the hooks for my old harmonium.

 This is my first experience purchasing from you, and I have to say that I am very pleased with the experience.  You responded promptly to my questions and shipped the harmonium in record time.  I hope to make additional purchases from you.

Once again, thanks very much.

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