We would like to inform our customers to beware of companies that add BINA as an extension to their name; i.e. and those that name themselves deceptively similar. We are the ONLY exclusive legitimate owners & manufacturers of BINA?Harmoniums and other musical instruments.

It has also come to our attention that a lot of our customers have been cheated by some shops in India and abroad that are selling fake BINA?Harmoniums and other musical instruments. We urge our valued customers to make sure they buy the original BINA? instrument only from our legitimate dealers. We have a wide network of dealers all over the world, and thankfully it is easy enough to differentiate between a fake and the original, but should you have any doubt when making your purchase, please email us at A Harmonium does not become a BINA?just by affixing a sticker or label that reads a crude BINA?on its surface or veneer. It takes years of experience, labour and hard work to make an instrument that, when you play it, will sound exactly how you would like it to sound. Our instruments are famous for their melodious tone and superb quality, and we like to admit with pride that it is a culmination of years of toil and labour.

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BINA MUSICAL STORES may make changes to these materials, or to the products described therein, at any time without notice. BINA MUSICAL STORES makes no commitment to update the information contained therein.

Trademark Information: BINA?is the exclusive trademark and property of BINA MUSICAL STORES; any infringement of the same is a violation of our exclusive rights.

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BINA is an exclusive trademark, any infringement of which is  a violation of our copyright.
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